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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Here is the mega problem of computer life:

-Internet is down on my laptop, I am using my Dad's computer because he just so happens to be in the kitchen.

-I will not be having Internet connection from the 21st until about a week's worth due to computer re locations at our home.....not fun.

-Also, I have had one test today, I will have one tomorrow, I am running a timed mile tomorrow, Project due Monday, Project AND test due on Tuesday. On top of it all, one of my best friend is having a birthday tomorrow(really Saturday, though.) This is the only good piece of news I bring you.

-I am upset, and please do not anger yourself because of my future lack of posts.
My next post might even be in 2008...

Missing my blog life:
Ellie. :(


Tal said...

Sorry about the internet and the tests and projects, but look at the bright side- you do have a computer. 20 years ago there wasn't such thing as internet, and the best computer was a huge box that was called a mac but it was actually a piece of junk...

If you're writing after new year's eve, have a happy new year in advance..

Have a wonderful weekend and tell your friend happy birthday.

Andrew said...

Missing you friend. I hope you able to get online to tell us what you got for Christmas. I know you are excited!!! Merry Christmas to you!

Tal said...

Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas :D