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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas?

Okay, well...I have never had a more "not-enjoyable" Christmas. I still feel so awful!! I'm still in bed, and I am coughing so much that I have back aches, and my throat is bleeding. Still dizzy when I walk, can't stay awake for too long. For some reason, I am starving all the time. Every time I eat something, I feel extremely hungry a little while later.

Mum took me to church this morning, which is traditional of course, but I could hardly handle myself! In a packed, tight area where I was constantly blowing my nose, coughing during prayers, and nearly collapsing in my chair. It was an awful experience. I could hardly concentrate.

I did get nice gifts, though. It was delightful, though money was quite tight this year.
Mum got me a gift card to a book store(I LOVE bookstores), and to Starbucks(Yes.....). Also, a matching set of ladybug stud earrings and a necklace.

Dad got me a croquet set(I haven't played before, but now we have a backyard!), and a professional badminton set(with a net and rackets and everything!). Both these activities came in a convenient carrying case.

This was very nice, though.

Did I mention everyone else is sick, too? My dad is sick and sore. So much, that Mum almost called emergency last night because of a really bad pain in his leg that was causing him to moan and yell.

Mum was fine, and all of a sudden she is sick. She is NEVER sick. She just doesn't get sick. It doesn't happen.

Please prayers for my family..which isn't looking too good.

I hope that everyone had a Merrier Christmas than me!

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Tal said...

Hey Ellie,

Sorry about you and your family. Being sick sucks so much. You feel like a dead person but you're actually alive XD
Anyways, I hope next Christmas will be nicer for you, and there's still new year's eve. which (hopefully) will be better.
Take care