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Friday, December 7, 2007

Back, Finally,

Thanks for the wonderful comments. It feels for good to be back and posting. Homework has got me so stressed lately! I got my grades today, and I did excellent....except...for physical education. Darn it..... I hate that subject. I actually thought I was doing pretty good. whatever...

Top ten things I hate

10. A meal for dinner I dislike.
9. Missing a fav t.v. show or marathon.
8. Giving up a Friday for homework.
7. Giving up a Saturday for homework.
6. Reading Charles Dickens(not bad...just too confusing. same with Shakespeare).
5. Clipping my fingernails to short.
4. When I can't fall asleep.
3. Doing bad at school.
2. Physical education/people who are good at it.
1. Homework that is slowly killing me.

Other things i hate/dislike:

-This girl I know who is super good at physical education(yet still happens to be popular.)
-When I have a bloody nose for absolutely no reason.
-Setting the table .
-Waking up early on weekends.
-Homework on the weekends
-Studying for a super hard test.
-Writing and all of the sudden your pencil breaks.
-Writing and all of the sudden your pen explodes and all this ink splurts out.
-When your foot, back, or some other unreachable area starts to itch, tickle, etc.

More later....


miss. piggly wiggly. said...

don't worry. i hear ya.

Tal said...

We all hate so many things. The question is what's in there to like