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Friday, February 19, 2010

Listen More, Talk Less

Everybody loves doctors. ;) <--- inside joke of the day

I think that it would be incredibly entertaining to become a psychiatrist. Listening to others, analyzing situations, and giving advice. The world needs more people who are willing to stop worrying about their own issues and instead channel their energy to being of assistance to those in more need. I cannot quite put my finger on where this quote came from, but there is clearly a reason why humans were given two ears and one mouth. Listen more. Talk less.

It's a pretty accurate statement that the majority of the world believe that the terms 'listen' and 'hear' can be used interchangeably. If you are like me(myself?) and disagree with this idea, then cheers for you. Hearing is simply recognizing sounds that form words. However, listening is more of an art form in which you take these words and piece them together to create ideas. Listening is like learning, for you have to direct your concentration to truly comprehending what the speaker is saying and relating to it/sympathizing with him or her/whatevering.

Generally, conversations occur in two-way directions. One person speaks, the other listens. Similar to the partner A and partner B class activities my Espanol class does. Not that this random snippet is of any relevance to our discussion. Yes, this is a discussion. If you comment, that is. Because conversations occur in two-way directions, remember? But then again, I digress.

The point I am trying to make is that when you listen to what another person has to say, it is almost automatic to instantly start formulating a response in your head. Factors to consider include: Will I sound stupid? Will I regret it afterwards? Along with other inquires in regards to the "hearer". On the other hand(or ear in this case, a little bodily hilarity for you there), the "listener" would respectively be thinking 'what can I respond with that will make this person feel as if what they said was worth sharing?'. Or at least, that is how it should go down in my opinion.

Now that this has all been said and done, my proposal is that everyone who reads this(even you little bashful ones that don't bother leaving comments) should try being a "listener" as opposed to a "hearer" for the next week or so. Not that difficult, right? That's what you'd think. But if you decide to take me up on my challenge, then keep in mind what kind of respect and response you would appreciate when having a two-way conversation with someone. What will make the speaker feel as if what they said was worth sharing?

So there you have it. Random babbles of wisdom for today. Thank goodness it is Friday, and I wish the very best to everyone for the next two days!


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Gaius Balter said...

Yeah, i know what you mean. My brother is a doctor and finding pieces of information can be quite difficult if you only have a target of ten minutes. Essentially, you're right it is a two way communication and you have to very selective in what is relevant or not. I mean my brother explains that the skill is to get the relevant information out of someone, without offending them