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Sunday, February 21, 2010

For The Record

If I am following a blogger who has failed to post within a few months or so, I'm deleting you off my follower's list. Lo siento. No hard feelings. But that's just the way life goes.


Tal said...

sorry i didn't comment or anything in a really long time
so now i am :) and i hope you weren't talking about me
and just wanted to say that i saw your twilight counts and didn't watch twilight. and then i did. and i realized that i should have watched it a long long time ago. so next time i'll look at a countdown on your blog and actually listen to it cause you have a good taste (also jason mraz) :]

Elley said...

oh Hahaha no worries. I was not talking about you. There was this one blog that I loved reading, but she hasn't posted in over nine months! So I gave up. And thanks, Jason Mraz kind of sort of just a little bit most definitely dominates.