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Thursday, October 16, 2008

braces update

i would have been getting braces tomorrow.


the orthodontist found that two teeth on the top switched places and the roots are crossed.
what the heck?!

sounds painful to think two roots are crossing, but i don't feel a thing.

not i have to wait.

and guess when i'm getting them!?


no candy.
no fun.
concert next day.
in pain.
but jason mraz is capable of healing my mouthy pains and sores... :)

but still....

of all the days..

and it can't be rescheduled.

and if the braces don't fix my teeth(the two switched ones), then i might(possibly, probably won't) need surgical procedures. fabulous, right?

and when my mother asked what could have caused the "abnormal" switching, the orthodontist said, " God made it that way."

how am i supposed to respond to that?

sorry. no pictures today.


Mrs. F said...

Just a better excuse to eat candy BEFORE Halloween. I am always looking for an excuse to eat candy.

dave said...

sounds painful. hope things turn out well for your teeth and the concert.

Amy said...

Ditto to what the first two comments say.

I pray that it all goes well for you.

God Bless,