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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

braces update

i got spacers(separators) in my mouth today. They are a shade of pretty blue. Like turquoise, maybe? How am I supposed to know? They are in my mouth?

Anyways, the pain has yet to come. I have been told several time from multiple sources that the feeling the next day is not so lovely.

My first experience of UFO's in my mouth. Ms. Orthodonist was correct; these small things of elastic do feel quite like pieces of meat in my mouth.

Friday is one last appointment to get me prepped for actual appliances.

Someday next week I will be getting them on.

I know this is rather an odd question, but anyone have any suggestions for colors I should get? I'm not sure if I should go for Halloween themed or not.

In general braces news, I am trying to think of the positives. i.e. colors.

More later.

Happy Yom Kippur for those celebrating.


nasha said...

orange maybe...:)

Amy said...

My son just chose his favorite then one time he chose red (I think) to match his girlfriends. (LOL!) I don't necessarily recommend that though.;)

When I had braces (about 100 years ago) they didn't have colors to choose from. Sigh. I just had to wear plain old rubber band colored ones.

Good luck with yours!

God Bless,

Mrs. F said...

I had braces in 8th-10th grade. I always themed my rubber bands to the this time of year I would definitely have gotten orange and black...

Good luck with the braces. Every time I had them tightened my mom had to make me mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt...what I mean to say is that you are going to LOVE them. (When they come off.)

Sorry, I'll stop...

Denise said...

I never wore braces but I'll bet it will be an interesting journey. Your teeth will be beautiful, I'm sure.
PS, I like your blog layout.