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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dadism. :D

Dads are so....

I don't know!

Well, I got this really cute mouse pad thing that has a bunch of happy monkeys(my favorite animal!) playing a bunch of instruments. They are so cute with their smiles and bananas and their maracas and drums and guitas and their smiles and their happy little faces! It is so cute!

When I showed my dad, he said, "You look good in that hat."

Thanks for the compliment on my MOUSE PAD, Dad.

Then he said, " Do you even have a mouse on your laptop?"

Umm, yes I do. I have for probably about a year now. Shows how much he pays attention.

But, this is so normal for him.


I'm not complaining, really. Just sharing one of the Dadism moments of my life.


87291472-Sharky said...

Good morning you :) Loved the post about your dad. Think it would be great to make a film of a typical morning in Ellie's kitchen:> Raining and cold winds outside here in JHB at the moment. You wouldn't be impressed seeing how much you like warm sun, but 'not too humid'... Have a great day.

maxrideluver said...

hey its kate (maxrideluver) from project playlist. cool blog.