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Monday, July 30, 2007


Today my friend Amy and I saw the movie Hairspray. It was so awesome! I am so glad that I decided to see it with her. She actually saw it the second day it was in the theaters(July 21, 2007). I was IMing with her, she told me about it, and then she invited me to see it. I was so excited I could hardly wait. I have heard about the whole Broadway musical, but I have never really known about it. Everybody acting in it did a fabulous job(especially that Link fellow, but never mind me.) Now that I have seen the movie, seeing the real Broadway play sounds like a future plan for me, hopefully. My good friend, Rachel, has actually seen it already. She recently went to New York and saw it with her grandmother(is this right, I'll have to double check). I remember her telling me that she had amazing seats with a great view. Ever heard of Alexa Vega? From the teen movie Sleepover, or the kid's movies Spy Kids? Yes, now you know who I mean. Rachel got her playbill signed by her. Pretty cool, huh? That was the extent to my day today. I had such a great time. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Amy!

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