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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Delicious day with my best friends foteter. Princess and the Frog is an adorable movie. School tomorrow. Reality bites. Kind of like my cat. But he bites with love. Reality bites with bitter harsheness. But then again, it has to be better than the last week before winter break, because that was absolutely horrible. I might be rambling now. Blah blah blah. Off to organize school things. So tell me, how are you doing?



KenzyPeach said...

I'm doing good.... :-) Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

haha foteter. thats awesome. I miss Amy!!!! :(

I'm I have a lot of bio to do this weekend so yeah. ew. not fun. But i will be eating Thai food and watching a movie my grandpa recommended very soon so...not too bad.


Elley said...

Hey here buddy. Im pleased to hear that. See that? Hmmm. I'm glad to know that.

nasha said...

i'm doing great...working on my wordpress too...i love princess and the frog...back to the old times where 3D is a far fetched idea...:)